Updated list of things I like about Vegas: Fremont Street, the very large Walgreens on the strip.


Ke$ha - We R Who We R

hot and dangerous / if you’re one of us then roll with us

I mean, listen, this is not not a call to join some kind of revolution. I mean, I guess technically mostly it’s about wearing good eyeshadow and getting trashed, but it’s not like those things are mutually exclusive.

we runnin this town just like a club

I mean, listen, I’m not gonna say that “the club” as it is often referenced in recent pop music is a site that both transcends and in some way revolts against a vaguely-defined outer power structure, a idealized place of relief from the strange bodily ills of capitalism, a broken fragment of a strange utopia clinging like a gross barnacle to the soft sad underbelly of a dystopia, but also, like, what do you do at the club? Personally I mostly try to situate my body as a conduit for some kind of joy not inherently provided, and in fact often inhibited, by the value-structures of an outside world, perhaps to personal detriment, and probably to no significant revolutionary effect, but standing in some small personal opposition all the same. Sorry, I mean, “dance.”

tonight we’re going hard / just like the world is ours

I mean, listen, I dunno, it’s like, would this song even exist if there weren’t a lot of people who feel like the world isn’t theirs?



Thank you, Geoffrey!

Now, our sophomore students here at Rock ‘n’ Roll Community College will already have received their passing grades for attending J. Bogart scholar Zach Lyon’s series of lectures on his foundational research in the fields of Ke$ha studies. But given all the recent…

There are actually no words to describe how excited I am.

Jason Schwartzman on the set of Rushmore (1998).

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“I want to just be lazy and I want some of the people around me to be doing things, because that makes me feel comfortable and safe - and I want some of them to be doing nothing at all, because they can be graceful and companionable for me.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald,
The Beautiful and Damned

It’s raining in Vegas.